KSKYE the Label - SIRIAN Wrist Mala - Mens

KSKYE the Label - SIRIAN Wrist Mala - Mens


The SIRIAN Wrist Malanamed after the Sirius Star System, is a stretch bracelet made from nine genuine Tibetan Bodhi Seeds and Tigers Eye crystal beads. While in necklace form, a mala, which means garland, should be made with 108 Bodhi Seeds, this bracelet uses 9, which multiplies evenly into 108.

Ethically hand-made in Australia. 

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Size: each bracelet uses 8mm Black Tourmaline beads, and 8mm - 9mm Bodhi Seeds.  Each wrist mala measures approx 8.5" unstretched.  These bracelets will fit over most hands and wrists for a nice fit.  If you require a longer bracelet, please let us know and we will custom make one for you :)

Bodhi Seeds are genuine Tibetan Bodhi Seeds, which have been sourced from Nepal.  Each seed has been polished with Tibetan oil.

The meaning of Tiger's Eye: Tiger's Eye is a stone of protection that is also very stabilizing and grounding.  It enhances integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality and correct use ofpower. It is a stone that enhances good luck, and brings prosperity.  Tiger's eye is also a very protective stone which is especially protective during travel. It can also help one see clearly without illusion. Tiger's eye brings a special boost to the solar plexus chakra and to one's personal power.  Tiger Eye lets you see everything. Use it for insight to bring clear thinking and insight. 

Tiger’s Eye helps balances the lower chakras and can enhances psychic abilities when placed on the third eye. 

Tiger's eye belongs to the large family of quartz crystals. It is thought to be good for physical strength and endurance. Tiger's eye was used in ancient times by warriors and soldiers for protection and for its ability to give its wearer courage. It is believed to be a stone of confidence often used by travelers. It can also be used to help protect against negative energy.