No Tox Life - Rich Creme for Face/Body

No Tox Life - Rich Creme for Face/Body


No Tox Life's luxurious whipped face and body creme contains Shea butter, Avocado Butter and Coffee Butter. Vanilla Spice is a delightful fragrance of smoky vanilla, clove, and orange essential oils.

Suitable for face and body. A little goes a long way!

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One tin will last 4-8 weeks with daily, head-to-toe use. This creme is very spreadable – only a small pea-sized amount is needed for the face area, so use sparingly.

Contains NO preservatives – these are natural butters. No chemicals have been added to make the ingredients heat-resistant, so we recommend storing in a cool place. One year shelf life.

All Natural Ingredients: Shea Butter, Avocado Butter, Coffee Butter, natural fragrance oils.