No Tox Life - Rich Creme, Pure Shea Creme Face/Body

No Tox Life - Rich Creme, Pure Shea Creme Face/Body


No Tox Life's luxurious whipped creme for face or body. Shea Butter, known for providing deep moisture, is perfect for cold winter months and dry summer months when your skin is subjected to stress from the elements.

For thousands of years, shea butter has been used to protect and repair the skin. It contains Vitamins A, E and F, and has strong antioxidant properties. We use it as a rich moisturizer and have found it keeps hands moisturized for many hours even after repeated washings.

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All Natural Ingredient: Shea Butter.

Shea butter softens and moisturizes skin. Our creme contains 100% pure shea butter and nothing else. No added fragrance. No preservatives. Our Shea Butter Creme is whipped in small batches. You may find small bits of raw shea butter in the creme; these are normal, and will melt at skin temperatures. Just rub between palms to melt and then apply normally.