KSKYE the Label - CYLLENE Ring

KSKYE the Label - CYLLENE Ring


Turquoise Ring with Vermeil Gold.

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Set in Vermeil Gold (925 Sterling Silver and plated with 18K Gold), with an adjustable band. Due to the natural state of the crystals, every pendant has a unique size, shape and color. The statement rings range anywhere around 3cm -3.5cm long and 2.5cm - 2.7cm wide.

The meaning of Turquoise: 

This stone has a unique vibration that resonates with the energy of truth. The affect of this unusual energy within the throat chakra, will help you to speak with truth, wisdom and forthrightness. If you are a shy person, Turquoise Stones may assist you to contribute more to conversations and to be aware when what you have to say has value and validity. 

It has impressive metaphysical properties that encourage empathy; but this will not hold you back from being able to speak with forthrightness when required. This energy will assist you to feel calm and relaxed when speaking in public. The energy of this stone vibrates strongly within the thymus chakra, which will aid you to be more compassionate, and to forgive others who do not act compassionately towards you.

This strong compassionate vibration resonates out, and effects all areas of the body, and may be helpful to harmonize your male and female aspects. This stone's energy will work in a diverse range of ways within different chakras. Yet it always carries a strong ability to aid you to live your life with integrity and truth.

This is a strong stone of spiritual attunement and using this stone in meditation is very helpful.  Turquoise Stones embody within them an effective energy for spiritual grounding.

This is an excellent healing stone that has been in use for this purpose since ancient times. They have been known to enable the body to heal a range of different ailments. In ancient times it was said to have been used to heal eye problems, including cataracts.

This stone may assist you to better absorb the nutrients that you eat, and they are said to help to protect against atmospheric pollutants.

People have been aware of the natural energy of these stones for thousands of years, and they have been used by Shamans throughout the ages as their distinct vibration was known to be highly protective and very powerful.

The clear vibration of these stones strongly resonate within the throat and third eye chakras, allowing you to access past life knowledge. The energy of Turquoise stones may enable you to begin to develop your intuition at a much stronger level. Along with this you may find that you also have a stronger ability to communicate in many ways.