3-In-1 Conditioning Hair Treatment, Lavender

3-In-1 Conditioning Hair Treatment, Lavender


A combination of light, dry (non-greasy) oils that are readily absorbed into the hair and skin. Lightly scented with Lavender Essential Oil (no chemical fragrances).

This premium conditioning hair treatment contains Hawaiian kukui nut oil, pumpkin seed oil, Moroccan argan oil, grape seed oil, rice bran oil, and Brazil,ian babassu oil. (Works great with Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar!)

3-In-One means you can:
1. Use as a leave-in conditioner. No silicones means no build-up with daily use.
2. Use when heat styling to minimize damage to the hair shaft and smooth flyaways.
3. Occasionally use as a deep conditioning treatment to nourish the hair and scalp  perfect for hair stressed from frequent heat styling and coloring.

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How to use the 3-In-One Hair Treatment:

  1. Daily Leave-In Conditioner: When your hair is damp from the shower, apply a few drops from ends to roots. We like to put more on the ends (which tend to get dry), and underneath. Use a tiny amount on the top of the head to smooth frizzy hair and fly aways.
  2. Heat Styling Aid: Perfect for smoothing hair while straightening, curling or blow drying, the oil protects the hair shaft and keeps it moisturized for easier styling.
  3. Weekly/ Monthly Deeply Moisturizing Treatment: Apply 5X your normal amount all over the hair and scalp, and leave in for several hours or overnight.  (protect your pillow with a clean towel if leaving overnight). We love this treatment for damaged, dry and color-treated hair to restore shine and suppleness. When done, shampoo out the oil and apply your usual amount to clean, damp hair.