Cultivating Community - Part 4

Hello again!

Most people know that their skin is their body’s largest organ. But did you know that skin has has an average absorption rate of 64%, according to the American Journal of Public Health

Different areas of our skin absorb differently. Our forearms, for example, absorb 8% of what they come in contact with. While genitalia and underarms have an absorption rate of — wait for it — 100%. Pretty scary, when you consider that most deodorants contain aluminum, which has been linked to neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and autism, among other illnesses.

So it’s with tremendous pleasure that I introduce No Tox Life, a company that makes sure all of your skincare needs are met without worry. 

Pure Olive Bar

Pure Olive Bar

The brand was created by a mother-daughter duo who hand make natural, toxin-free, vegan products that you’ll love. Some of my favorites include the Pure Olive Bar for dry/sensitive skin, the Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar and the Fresh Fig Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant.

I’ve always had dry and sensitive skin on my arms and would get those weird bumps. Since using the Pure Olive Bar, my skin is so soft and nourished that I no longer even apply lotion after my shower — and no bumps!

Also, when I’d wash my hair, so much of it would fall out that I’d have to collect it on the shower wall, to prevent it from going down the drain. (It was like a hair loofah hanging there! Gross.)

Then I discovered the Old Fashioned Shampoo Bar. The first time I used it, I was shocked —barely any of my hair fell out. And when I dried my hair, it felt so much thicker! I know it may sound odd to shampoo with a bar instead of liquid, but it lathers up amazingly well, even more so than most liquid shampoos.

And since I’ve been using the Fresh Fig deodorant, I feel like the character Mary Catherine Gallagher. It smells so good, and it actually works! (I’ve tested so many all-natural, vegan deodorants that didn’t live up to their claims. Apologies to my trainer and friends for any funk during those test runs!) If Fig isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other scents, plus a non-scented option.

These are just a few of the great No Tox Life products you’ll find in the Cultivate Heath + Beauty section. And if there’s something you’d like, please reach out and tell us about it! We’d love to find it for you — both to help make compassionate living easier, and because when you buy from Cultivate, you’re supporting animal shelters and sanctuaries. 

Much love,