Cultivating Community - Part 3

Hello, and happy Monday! 

I’m excited to introduce you to two amazing companies from Los Angeles: Pulp Pantry and Stone Candle Co. (Both can be found in the Home + Garden section.)

Pulp Pantry was created by Kaitlin Mogentale, a recent USC grad (go Trojans!) and absolute genius, to my mind. Pulp Pantry granolas, baking mixes and veggie crisps are not only healthy and delicious but the truest examples of sustainability, as they’re made from fruit pulp collected from Los Angeles’ finest organic juicers. (C’mon, isn't that genius!) 

Each Pulp Pantry snack contains a half pound of organic produce, is mostly paleo, and is entirely plant-based, refined-sugar free, gluten free and made in small batches.

If you’d like to read more about the brilliant Kaitlin, check out this article from the LA Weekly

Moving on from my girl crush, let’s discuss my candle crush — Stone Candles. 

This father-son business has innovated clean-burning AND ecological and responsible candle-making. Using food-grade-certified coconut oil allows for a wax that never collects soot and releases the natural perfume of the candle without distortion. The wax is so clean, you could apply it to your body for some nourishment and lovely scent.

They also take eco-friendly to the next level with their Reclaimed Bottle collection. Each candle has a history, as it’s housed in a reclaimed wine or alcohol bottle — and still made from 100% biodegradable vegetable coconut wax. 

Further, Stone Candles are part of Light 4 Life Cause, which works with the Exceptional Children’s Foundation, training adults with disabilities in the art of hand-crafted candle making, as well as personalized coaching on both professional and life skills development. Who knew a candle could do so much!

And of course, with every purchase of these amazing products, Cultivate gives 10% to an animal shelter or sanctuary. 

I hope you have a lovely week ahead — and that you’ll check back soon for an introduction to all the fabulousness that is No Tox Life!

Much love,