Cultivating Community - Part 2

SIRIAN Black Tourmaline + Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala - Mens

SIRIAN Black Tourmaline + Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala - Mens

Hello! I hope you were able to check out Lorelay’s amazing prints in our Home + Garden section. I’d also love to introduce you to a few other great products and companies we’re working with. 

The Accessories page is filled with so many great products, but I LOVE the Canopy Verde bags and KSKYE jewelry. I’ve gotten so many compliments on my Bergen Tote, and it has been the perfect, everyday summer bag. 

Canopy Verde is a company based out of Park Slope, Brooklyn that uses PVC-free vegan leathers, 100% organic cotton and chemical free dyes. Besides no animals suffering, the overall process of making a vegan bag requires fewer resources taken from the earth. There are so many great styles, like the Cassia Canvas Weekender Bag and the Greene Crossbody Clutch, which is like five bags in one. 

KSKYE the Label is Australia’s first established fashion label to rebrand as philanthropic, ethical, fair-trade, eco and cruelty-free. How cool is that? AND, the jewelry is made from natural crystals and precious metals, with each pendant hand-carved by Indian and Brazilian artisans, and then handmade into jewelry in Australia (the rings are set in India and Brazil). Each crystal and Bodhi Seed is cleansed with reiki, sun energy and full moonlight, and charged with reiki and sun energy beforehand, which is thought to restore the crystal's energies and healing process, which may have been depleted when "harvested" from the earth.

I hope you’ll check back later in the week for introductions to Pulp Pantry, Stone Candles and No Tox Life. 

Hope you have a lovely week ahead! 

With Love,