Why Pre-Owned?

At Cultivate, we offer new and pre-owned clothing because we believe living compassionately extends to how we treat our environment and our world community. 

As “fast fashion” has grown, so has its environmental footprint and its effects on people around the world, especially in developing countries. Essentially, slaves are making our clothes today, and most of us ignore this in exchange for a bargain. For lots of them. 

Because who doesn't love a bargain? 

It’s why we feature Pre-Loved in the shop (just look for the blue heart to know it's P-L). Pre-owned clothing doesn’t require new resources (like water, cotton or farming materials) or create new pollutants (like factory smog, water pollution and artificial dyes). And, it’s way less expensive. We hunt down the good stuff, you get the bargain!  

For example, there’s a Diane Von Furstenberg little black dress that will be featured as Pre-Loved. Bergdorf Goodman sells a similar one for $348; on Cultivate, it’s $65. (A DVF!) And still more wonderful, of course, 10% of that will go to an animal charity or sanctuary.

We think of Pre-Loved as kind and fabulous. Or, kinda fabulous!

Much love,

p.s.: For more information about the impact of fast fashion, we highly recommend the documentary, “The True Cost.”  You can find it on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon Prime.