Our first blog!

Welcome to Cultivate! 

I’m so happy this day is finally here, and that I can share with you so much of what I’ve learned and found on my journey. 

Besides being an online home for one-stop, cruelty-free shopping, my hope for Cultivate is that it becomes home to a community of people who know that their money is their vote and their voice, and who want to do better by the earth and the other lives inhabiting it, both human and animal. 

I see an encouraging shift underway. 

More and more of us are realizing the impact that literally each of us has on our communities and the world. We’re becoming more aware of our water consumption (in California, we’re in the midst of a serious, eye-opening drought) and what we eat (organic, gluten, GMO and vegan are now words we encounter every day). Recycling is everywhere, and composting doesn’t seem to be far behind. And, we’re seeing how far a little exercise can take us, especially as older generations are living longer.

I believe a natural step toward caring for our selves, our communities and our environment is taking greater care with the purchases we make. 

We all want beautiful things at reasonable prices, but “fast fashion” and prevalent leather products (in shoes, bags, clothes, computer cases, etc.) just aren’t sustainable. 

To consider just the process of leather tanning, it introduces toxins into the environment — chromium and sulfide concentrations among them — that have painful and deadly consequences on the people and communities directly involved in the process, as well as, the people and animals whose drinking water is polluted by the runoff.   

To consider the full breadth of our fashion choices is to face a litany of environmental, health and human rights abuses. 

It’s why being a mindful consumer can be so exhausting. And so stressful. 

Luckily, there are amazing artists, designers, visionaries, animal lovers, environmentalists and all-around astounding tastemakers who are creating GORGEOUS things. In the past, looking for these things — for your home, for your closet, for your medicine cabinet and even your pantry — took effort. Truly, a labor of love.

And that’s where Cultivate comes in. Because shopping should be fun!

Getting excited over a beautiful top, trying it on, loving the fit and then realizing it has wool in it, is such a bummer, if the label isn't specific about where the wool came from or how the sheep was treated. Often, sheep are killed or abused during the shearing process, and within weeks of birth, many lambs raised for wool have their tails chopped off, and the males are castrated without anesthetics. 

It’s nothing I want to risk supporting.

Cultivate is a place where people can shop to their hearts’ content, knowing someone has already made the effort. We have done the worrying, the searching and the compiling for you. So, shop knowing that every item you see and love is something you can buy with a happy heart. And, you can feel great knowing that 10% of all profits at Cultivate go toward an animal sanctuary or rescue facility.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We hope you’re as excited as we are to engage is this exciting community, and to make compassionate shopping the new norm.

Much love,
Maria & The Cultivate Team