Maria and Mina.

Maria and Mina.

Hi, I’m Maria, and Cultivate is the result of my desire to live a compassionate lifestyle that’s rich in style, quality, beauty and pleasure.

I’ve always been an animal lover, and a long-time vegan, but it wasn’t until I began meditating that something clicked. Why would I not eat meat, but buy a leather purse or shoes? Why was I caring about animals in only one area of my life?

Faced with that inconsistency, I realized it was because being consistent was too much work. Tracking down cruelty-free clothing and trustworthy beauty products required hours of research and curating. I wanted a single, simple, beautiful place where I could shop with a good conscience about the choices I was making for myself, for other lives and for the environment.

And that’s exactly what Cultivate is: Skin care, accessories, make-up, clothing and more that are beautiful, high quality — and give back. Inspired by my rescue cats, Mina and Max, 10% of all Cultivate profits go to an animal shelter or likeminded cause.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your interest in Cultivate. It’s only together that we can make compassionate shopping fun, easy and the
new norm.